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What’s going on DGC. I am a new member love the content and info. I am a fellow Canuck. Looking to extend my grow knowledge and share info if I can. But as far as these LEDs go. I am lost. I have been growing for many years now. Have used the same kinda set up since the beginning. I have a 4×8 grow space. With 3 600 watt digital ballast over it. All air cooled and on ratchet ropes etc. It’s coming time to swap out the ballast for new ones. And want to try some of the new tech. I know you guys recommend the HLG 550 v2 but up here it cost around $1,389.50 to order one. That’s straight from horticulturelightinggroup.ca. Just wondering if u guys have tried any others. Like spider farmer sf 4000 or the mars hydro ts 3000. Both cheaper then the HLG. I know think of the investment and I am. Just wondering  if there are other viable options. Love the shows and content. Looking forward to getting my hand on some Recharge. Later DGC… If it don’t make sense my bad. Smoked one them 20 min joints of some deep cheese sooo baked…..