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What’s happenin DGC? I’m ready to do my first real big boy upgrade and get some LEDs and supplementals. I’m really looking at the hlg 550 v2 rspec or 600 DIY kit.

Now here comes the hard part, which supplemental lights should I get? I’m looking at the rapid Emerson effect/ exotic spectrum combo or the mass medical supplemental. My trepidation is that I dont know enough about the fancy lights. What’s the point of diminishing return with supplemental lighting, is the 30w exotic spectrum even enough to matter or is the 170w supplemental way overkill for a 4×4 or 5×5 tent? Will I need a bluefish to even have my Emerson effect board work?

I don’t even know if those are the most pertinent questions, or if there’s some shit I’m too much of a novice to consider. Spending big ass money on big ass lights isn’t what I’m nervous about, its spending big ass money on lights that I will want to upgrade again next year or lights that I cant use because they are overkill for my grow. If you guys can drop some spectrum science or just first hand experience do’s and don’ts or advice I’d really appreciate it.