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You guys have been asking for grow hacks, new ones specifically, so here you go. This is a very simple circuit,  you can build it, look at me…pretty much a complete idiot and I figured it out. This circuit uses: 1 red led, 1 green led, 1 NPN transistor (2n2222a), 1 @ 1k ohm resistor and some speaker wire. Now because the green led is being powered through the resistor it will not be as bright as the red led that is getting full power. I’ve included the circuit diagram, a little sloppy but it’s legit. This circuit is keeping it as basic as it gets really and you could do so much more with it. For example, if you replace the red led with a relay, you could tell a water pump to turn on  or a solenoid valve to open, once the sensor picks up moisture the pump or solenoid will turn off.  But for now to keep in simple this will tell you if your planters have moisture in them, depending on how far you stick the sensor into your soil, So 2 inches down will give you reading at 2 inches down and so on. I have more pictures of how I built the sensor but I can only upload 4 pictures so I will explain it a little. It is some speaker wire with about a 1/2 inch of wire striped at the ends. Next I took some microfiber cloth and cut it down into a 1/2 inch by 2 inch long piece. Start by wrapping one of the stripped ends in the cloth, one wrap will do just fine,  this is so the wires are to connected inside the cloth. Next place the other stripped end inside the cloth and wrap it up,  you will have something resembling the picture below. With one small dot of glue the cloth is attached. When the cloth gets wet the circuit will close via ground wire and the green led turns on, indicating you’re all good. When the cloth dries out the circuit will open again and the red light will turn on,  indicating it’s time to water. Enjoy