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Hey there DGC. Love the show. Its has really taught me a lot. Been growing for about 6 years and still learn a little something new every time i tune in. So i have a grow room with 7 4ft by 8ft tables. 6 of the tables are under 2 1000w hps lights and one of the tables is under 2 Growers Choice Roi680s LED. The table under the LEDs is showing a lot of interveinal chlorosis and some purpling leaf tips and ridges. Mostly close to the top of the plant. Which is why i’m wondering if the plants under the LED lighta require different nutrition than the others under HPS. I’m using Dyna-gro nutes and every 3rd watering is a silica,enzyme, and recharge only. pH is right around 6.0 every watering and ppm are about 1300 to 1400.  Temp is 76° and humidity is 60%. The plants are at day 32 currently. Any advice would be greatly appreciated