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This isn’t nessisarly a question about my garden but I’m disabled and only use cannabis for my medical needs with chronic pain. My ex wife is making this super hard for me to be able to continue. I really need a lawyer to take care of this issue for me. I can’t go to my old pain med they started making me lose my memory’s and I don’t need that.  I can’t go without my medication the pain is super intense some days. Makes it hard to get out of bed and do much of anything. I can’t afford much because I can only work 4 hours 😪 ugh disability is a whole other issue. Can’t lift more than 15lbs and work 4 hours and I only get 15% disability. Out country never stops to amaze me. If this becomes to much of an issue I’ll have to stop breeding. Iv been working hard to develop some strains geared for disabled people. Eventually I want to be able to provide free seeds to anyone disabled to help out as much as possible because I know the struggle is to real. 🙏🏻 love everything this community has and have built my own mini version on Facebook to help my community on the other side of the mountain. Best way to live life. Helping each other. If anyone can help me be sure I’d do anything in my life to help you in any way.

Pray for everyone else out there riding their own struggles 🙏🏻