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Hello DGC. Just a little blip I wanted to share. Here’s an example of some young seedlings of a Wedding Cake Auto, Tomatoes and Purple Bell Peppers. It doesn’t matter what plant it is, any plant starts from seed I do all the same.

I swear by using low powered T-5’s for vegging with 5K or 6.5K bulbs. Recently I upgraded a 4 light T-5 fixture with Philips 5K LED tube lights which also work just as well as fluorescents in my experience. This light is more than enough for any plants in early-mid veg. Those little 2 foot T-5’s they sell at Walmart are perfect for starting seeds.

Once the plant sprouts get it out of those heat domes and out of the subdued, shitty lighting. Heat and not enough light = wimpy seedlings. Make sure the soil is damp and put the plants about 4″ away from the tube lights. Run a 24 light cycle until you get the first juvenile true leaf. After that just keep the light close so you have tight nodes and run your normal whatever light cycle that you run. There is a limit but I don’t burn my plants ever unless they are wet, even with the new LED tube lights.

Thought I’d pass this along. Stretchy seedlings in my grows irritate me. That’s just me. Happy Growing! 😀