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Hey guys this is my Rosin Pheno of Lemon Jeffery since it gets a minimum of 20% return after going through the Rosin Bomb. This was my last grow using NFTG nutes for now as I have transitioned my garden over to Grow Dots!!! Anyways these were grown with the spartan regimen plus Athena’s Amina’s, Demeter’s Destiny, The Kraken, and Hygeia Hydration. Also used some Potassium Sulfate and Potassium Humates towards the end of flower along with the usual MSA and cannabis FPJs. This was the first time I’ve let this pheno go past 11 weeks and I am very happy I did. I harvested her on Wednesday at day 80 and she got chunky for sure! She filled up a 3×3 all on her own in a 15 gal rain science grow bag and was staked properly this run as it was really needed to finish out the last couple of weeks. I grew her under my old half blurple Viparspectra TC1350 (about 630 true watts- average efficiency ~1.5) that was marketed for a 4×4 flower space and 5×5 veg. I hated this light after I first had it because of its spread but when I got to thinking and I realized if I could handle the heat then it should blow away a 3×3 space and here we have it. With the efficiency of the light about 1/2 as good as an HLG I am guessing it’s putting out about the same photons as an HLG 320 Rspec but by using twice the wattage. Top temp ever reached in the tent this run was 90 before I kicked on the AC but on average they hovered between 84-87. Due to the tent running hotter than my others, I’m probably gonna hold off on any more grows in it this summer until the weather cools back off, but we have a couple other flowering 2x4s to keep the growing going. Just wanted to share all this to show everyone you can make equipment work if you understand it’s limitations, not the most efficient in this case but at least I’ve gotten so decent harvests off a light I thought I’d never get any use out of after I replaced it about a year ago. I’ll have some Grow Dots reports coming soon, loving the product already! #growerslove