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Hey DGC ,what’s happenin all my grow captain’s. So I have heard of people running less than 18 hours in veg .I was looking to possibly do this in the mothership (Mom room) .The mothership  is right next to my flower room and it adds just a tiny bit of unwanted heat .I’m not able to move the Mom’s so it has to stay.I know there only T5’s but even if it’s half a degree off my flower room for a few extra hours I’m cool with it.Also as you can see I don’t really need them to grow any faster. I kinda have a strain hoarding issue in the there and have a hard time chopping a mom down 🤣.these plants are all mostly 4ft to 6ft tall🙄.If I can shave a hour or two off the lights on time would be great ,but I just don’t want them to try to flower on me .that’s a pain in the ass to deal with reverting them back.Has any of the DGC personally experimented with this at all and had success with it.Hope all is well DGC.

Your Friend,
The Kid