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Ok DGC, so I made some big mistakes during this harvest. I didn’t keep close enough eye on my plants while drying. Due to environment my plants usually dry in about a week. This time they went  2+ weeks. Most of this harvest ended molding on me. Which I know where I went wrong. I dry in a 3x3x7 tent used only for drying and curing. I did not ventilate enough this time or keep a sharp enough eye on things and got complacent. When taking down to remove flowers from plants, I found that 2/3 of harvest was molding from lack of air circulation. Down to my question what is this other stuff I also found within the flowers? I only have the 1 pic that I took. Any thoughts? I used my jewelers loop and didn’t see any more critters. Are these sorts sort of eggs or what? Any info would be appreciated.