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Hey Scotty, Dude, and DGC… Again. I actually have a rare bit of time to get in a couple entries, so I’ll take advantage.

So, after considering advice I received about upgrading to 1000 watts under my basement stairs… Well, my wife has a rather compelling argument about the energy bill. Unless I’m growing into business, we can’t afford that.

So thanks to the almighty Amazon, I have a wonderful compromise. I hope so anyway. I’m only 4 days in with the new light, so time will tell. Meanwhile my eyes certainly appreciate the more natural appearance… That neon pink makes it difficult to assess trichome ripening. I thought y’all might be interested in what $180 can offer.

So, this is the 600W viparspectra full spectrum LED reflector. I picked this up over many other comparable (even 1000 W output lights) because of the higher number of infrared and UV diodes. Some of the other units only have one of each.

I don’t think this even close to a spectrum king or anything… Totally different league, but the Saint Lucie Mets hit a home run every now and again, right Scotty?

The light to the left is the new one, the smaller 300w galaxyhydro has moved to my 2×2 tent (with one stressed out, burned plant that I moved up too… I guess 65 degrees at 35%RH was preferable to 85 degrees at 65% and very little air movement).

Anyhow, $180, and 12 hours of daily 295 watt draw is hard to argue against… Unless I don’t effectively double my yield, and grow the hard nugs. Then I want my money back. But I’ve got a good feeling about this one guys. Hope the pics come through.