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Doin’ it Capn Style.

When I first started growing, I was running a RWDC (recirculating deep water culture) system.  I was wildly successful, by ACCIDENT.  Why do I say “by accident”?  Because I didn’t know what I was doing.  I saw some youtube videos and I thought DWC looked “COOL”, so I tried to replicate what I saw.  6 months into it, my plants started to turn yellow from the bottom up, until they eventually died.  Yep, it was ROOT ROT.  After this bout with pythium (a root disease that causes root rot) that left me without smoke for months (read more on pythium and beneficial bacteria here), I set out to find a different style of growing, that would rival the growth rates of DWC, but be less prone to root disease and less hassle.  Let me preface this by saying, I’ve tried almost every possible growing style; DWC, dirt, coco, sunshine mix, flood and drain, rails, you name it, I tried it; yes, even bio buckets.  What a mess that was.

In those months of battling pythium, I found myself researching for hours every night.  I learned more about growing in that 6 months then I ever learned before. I learned about beneficial bacteria, live and sterile environments, growth rates, dissolved oxygen, etc.

Initially, I called my style of growing, “Simple hydroponics”.  I started teaching people how to use the method to grow single 10 ounce chongers.  Before I knew it, 10 zips turned into 12, and then 1 pounders.  My buddies started calling it “Capn Style”. “Capn Style” is hydroponic growing method that provides copious amounts of oxygen to the root zone, allowing us to drench the roots with nutrient solution a couple times a day. This produces fast growth; nearly as fast as DWC, without the risk of pythium or root rot (ever so prevalent with medium-less growing).  “Capn style”, doesn’t only refer to the grow system only; it is an entire growing “technique”, from start to finish.

Here are some other benefits of “capn style” growing:

*Nearly impossible to over-water
*Fast growth rates
*Low plant counts
*No chance of nutrient build up or PH drift in the root zone
*Very little chance of root disease
*Perpetual grow
*High yields

Let me be clear; nothing about “capn style” is completely unique, I didn’t “invent” any magic growing style.  I’m just good at learning from my own mistakes and successes (and others), and then putting it all together in one package.  Anyone can run a capn style system, on any budget, and take it as far as they want to go.  Think of “Capn Style” as a “cookbook” to growing.  If you can follow a recipe, you can grow plants that produce a pound.  There are “chefs” and there are “cooks”.  A chef can bake a cake from scratch, without a recipe.  He knows what will happen if you add a little more, or a little less of each ingredient.  A cook, can bake the same cake, but he needs a recipe.  Just because vanilla smells good, doesn’t mean you should add more.  You catch my drift here?

The most common mistake I see new growers make, is they don’t follow a recipe.  They see what several other growers are doing, and use a bit of each technique, which doesn’t always work well.  My advice… get a mentor.  There are dozens of different growing techniques that are successful.  Find ONE PERSON who grows the dank, and follow their every move.  Don’t buy products and don’t change techniques, without consulting with your mentor first.  Once you’re a CHEF, then you can start find tuning your recipe.

Let’s fast forward and get an overview of Capn Style Growing.

During vegetative growth, we top EARLY AND OFTEN, to produce 50-60 tops.  Notice here, our plant has a “Flat top”.  By topping often, we’ve already produced a plant that is on track to produce a pound of bud.  Instead of a few giant colas and several small ones, when you make a flat top, the plant will give each cola a more even amount of attention.  Our goal in veg, is to get the plant as bushy and flat as possible.


TheCapn grows em up big in vegetative growth for a good two months.  Big veg = high yield.  The size of your plant (before you go to a 12/12 light cycle), is the single most important thing you can do to increase your chances of pulling down a POUND of bud. 

After 6 weeks of flower, you’ll see I’ve removed many fan leaves that shade lower buds.  Things are coming along nicely.  We use “yoyos” to hold up the heavy colas.

After 6 weeks in flower, we are right where we want to be.  On track to produce a pound of dankness.

At 8 weeks, here comes the purple!
After 8 weeks of growth, we start our flush.  With CapnStyle, a one week flush is PLENTY.


Like what you see?  Again, ANYONE can do this if you follow the recipe.  This will be a 3 part article series.  Come back soon, and we will get started.