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Hey guys, ole Crazyhands here. Just wanted to thank Dabby Daze for this grow hack they posted on here back in January, that I just finally put into place. I wanted to share again because I think it’s pretty neat. I got 4 “paper plate holders” from the dollar store and use them as a divider to keep your pots from sitting in runoff, if you aren’t there to shop vac or remove the runoff from the bottom runoff tray. Ideally these are used for 1-5 gal pots, but I have a pretty good sized plant on top of one (4-5 gal) and it’s holding the weight just fine. Some trays are smaller than others but if the plate holder won’t fit in the tray, I’ve noticed the holder will fit pretty snug over my 1 gal trays. It’s just something you’ll have to play around with, but if you are having issues with plants sitting in runoff for any reason, this is a decent cheap fix to an extent!

Glad you guys are able to do what you love over at the DGC. I’m trying my hardest to get started in the industry in any way possible, it just seems like you have to be family or just know the right people. I’m staying vigilant though and learn a lot by watching the show! I hope everyone has a great rest of their week!