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Hey guys. Hope all is well. I’m super excited to say we are a go here in Virginia for home cultivation. Legally we can grow 4 plants…not ideal but acceptable.

I have a 5×5 gorilla tent along with an AC Infinity Quiet inline fan and in a moment of complete synchronicity I was looking for lights yesterday while watching the show and snagged up an HLG RSpec immediately. If Dude and Guru says it’s good I’m on it.

this will be my first real grow set up and I am so excited for many reasons. I’m a medical patient and 25 year smoker. I am starting with autos to build experience and stock then I would like to graduate to photos or regular. My question is how much experience do I need before the switch? Am I making it too difficult in my head and should just make the jump? Also for a starter should I go for genetics or cost for seeds to start?

I would love to get a presence going but want to take my time and do things right.