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Hello guys!

Outdoor Organic: 

We are having a great outdoor season this year. Our grow consist of a homemade soil that is working tremendous this year and it only has 3 ingredients . Our plants are 12’ tall already and haven’t even hit the stretch .  We run a mix of good genetics from exotic genetics, symbiotic and ethos along with our own crosses. We feed weekly compost teas with a good dose of recharge and silica once a week . Given that above background on the grow, we know we are going to get the yield but we are worried about the density of the product . We just harvested some autos which where bulky but when we dried and cured was disappointed with the airy fluffy buds even though they are frosty . We are trying to keep it 100% organic because honestly it’s working great for us. The last thing we are going to run is vegamatrix big and sticky pk booster in the next week as we hit flower.

Question: What product could we use to increase density to get rock hard buds or close to it? We see so many buds on Instagram/fb that are super firm and hard after cure . No PGRs please