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I’m officially bored with all the politics and facebook talk on the show lately.  Makes me feel like I’m stuck in 2016.  Facebook is crazy, google is spying on us, some people take political correctness too far… YUP!  I totally agree, but none of this is new, and we aren’t gonna change any of this by continuing to moan about it.

If we want to actually make things better, lets stop repeatedly talking about all the problems we face and instead focus on what we can actually do to improve things!

We are not powerless!  Lets take action or use our collective voice for good!  Lets get off the sidelines and get in the damn game!

-Lets invite more people to get involved by making sure the DGC is a welcoming and friendly place for people of all backgrounds.

-Lets do more content to teach people to grow, and empower people to produce their own medicine!

-Lets do more to connect people with the natural world by teaching them to garden and showing them the amazing world of plants!

-Lets do more to support veteran groups, low income medical cannabis patients and other groups that could use our help!  

-Lets teach people about microbes and IPM! We can make the world a better place!

-Lets make positive, productive and friendly the new “stoner stereotype”

-Lets teach people to be more caring and understanding by showing them the wonders of cannabis!

This is the sort of stuff I’m going to be working on in 2019,  lets work on it together!  (Hit me up if you wanna collaborate on something!)

The DGC is a powerful force, and we can make a positive difference in the world if we put our mind to it!

-Soup 🙂