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Recently I began looking to replace my last year and half’s offering of (Seedsman) Blueberry, Mango Sapphire (Humboldt Seeds), Peyote Critical (Barney’s Farms) and Tangerine Dream (Barney’s Farms).

It was at that time, that it crossed my mind that I may want to grow these strains again. Having flowered these out the thought probably would have been more advantageous had it came prior and I would have saved cuttings …or beans.

Well, In the vault I found a freebee pack of Blueberry (3 seeds) & Mango Sapphire (3 seeds) and had purchased a 5 pack Tangerine Dream.   Thus leaving Peyote Critical…. I found Peyote Critical seeds at an insane price and opted out of that option. But I still had these 3 flowered out Peyote Critical plants (hmmm) …and decided to re-veg. Anyone who has done this knows it gets very ugly before the turn around.

I personally find it a thing of beauty.  As the plant moves through ripe, to really ripe, to over ripe and then begins that color transformation.   The color at first appears to blacken as you continue to watch the growth you find that black, is green. Pretty soon a small nub, then overnight a shoot, from there we see that life explode. A new plant. A duplicate of Mom alive again to once again fill the jars.

It doesn’t fix my issue of preservation of strain. It does however give me a few more harvests enjoy, .

Please excuse the blurple…    someday