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Good afternoon DGC, I have a lighting question. I currently use 2 marshydro tsw2000w led lights in my 4×8 tent. I will be converting the entire 10×10 room into grow room. I am looking at lights as I have everything else currently to expand the room size. I have heard amazing reviews on the hlg550 v2/hlg650 and the spider farmer sf4000. Besides the fact you have to buy the uv bar separate for the hlg and it doesn’t offer as much far red above 700. What really separates these lights in terms of quality and efficiency? I’m trying not to buy more then needed but still get the absolute best quality I can as far as lighting goes.

If this matters the room is temp/humidity controlled with a 6000 btu ac and 250 sq ft humidifier. I have an autopilot c02 monitor with a 20 lb tank and regulator. Media is a organic super soil recipe of  ff o&f soil as base, 20% organic work casting, 20% organic superchar, 20% lg hydrocorn, two cups neem seed meal, 2 cups kelp meal, 1/4 c/gallon 15-1-1 pure protein fish hudroxylate, 1 tbs/gal rainbow mix pro grow/bloom, 1 tbs/gal boogie brix, and now 1 tsp/gal Recharge. I also feed with boogie brew compost tea with 1 tsp Recharge and 1 tbs pure protein 15-1-1 fish hydroxylate weekly.  Any help and advice for lighting that will fit my needs would be greatly appreciated.

be blessed,