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first off, love the Recharge. totally boosted the hell out of things visibly. my question is i plan on growing in a garage attic space. it is more than adequate space and height wise but the only issue is that it isn’t insulated and light can creep from under the open eaves into the attic. i spent the money on lights and stuff to grow and will have to wait to insulate till next year so i was thinking of having my twelve hours go from 8 pm till 8 am. I won’t have any light creeping in at 8 pm but it will slowly get a tiny bit lighter (not enough to read by) between 6 am and 8am. will this mess up my flowering at all? question 2 again love the recharge and am trying to get the one grow store in my area to carry it. how would i facilitate that? thanks again for the help. this site rules.