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Hey guys, love the show man!
I was considering experimenting with periodically moving LED lights very close to plants for brief periods of time to allow deeper penetration into canopy but moving lights back up to appropriate distance before any stress or bleaching. I’m in early flower and my idea was to move lights from say the 18” they are at normally down to 10 inches 3 hrs before lights out, then when light come back on I would move lights back to 18”. Wondering your thoughts on this guys! Sounds like a pain in the ass but I’m starring at them all day anyway ha ha.

I’m also looking into buying a HLG 550 for my 4×4 grow tent but I don’t want to spend the money before I have my only concern answered.Will it roast out my tent? I’m currently using 2 shit LED lights (viparspectras) I know they suck but temps are perfect or 25C and when I tried using a 630 cmh it was wayyyyyyy to hot and I can’t put A/C in the room as i am a slave factory worker and need lights that don’t require A/C so do you guys think it will roast out my tent?