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Hey Guys, JustinCredible Grows here. I just had a quick question. This run all of my apical meristems are very light green. Way lighter than the last run. They are 6 days into flower. Everything Is growing great, they are exploding, praying and all around looking very healthy. Just worried that I might be getting low on nitrogen too early in flower. I also thought that the lower growth was first to yellow/fade due to lack of nitrogen. Iā€™m hoping that Iā€™m just overly paranoid. This is my third time with the same strain/clones

Strains – Super Sour OG & Gorilla Glue

Media – Promix HP / Perlite 4:1

Nutes/pH – Synthetic / 6.5 pH /

was feeding Veg about 1000 ppm (500 scale) gave a quick flush and now 450 ppm flower nutes

400w hps and 135w hlg quantum board