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It has come to my mind that DGC is open and honest in all their challenges, so, I have yet to see any real in depth comparisons of the NEW 2020 and 2021 light reviews. There are some companies out there that are developing some fantastic new grow lights that have some insane controls for the growers. Albeit as part of DGC up close and personal with soils and nutrients I think it would be very cool to have one or two weeks of grow light companies representatives get down with you guys and talk about why they feel they have the very best light for any grow situation. Since most growers that follow you are not moving into huge grows this would be such a service to all of us a lot of growers are never quite sure of all the specs their grow requires and this can all be explained by the reps it is very fascinating and so essential to know all these companies better and thus make the right long or short term decision on what is part of y’alls lists of most important things to do, isn’t it…lighting. Hope you think it over and wow the crowd.