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What’s up DGC! Hope all is well with the community!! Straight to it, do light leaks matter in veg? Kinda been lazy during this stage bc it’s easy but also in a sense boring. Left a light on a few times without even noticing until the next day. They always see a minimum of 18 hrs. Figured the hormones arent really what they are in flower and notice nothing really but was curious as to if this could lead to a potential problem come flipping. Granted it’s been awhile and don’t plan on flipping for awhile yet but was definitely intrigued by if imbalances during veg can lead to instability come flower is all. Thanks again for putting this community together dude!!  Scotty love ya, keep on interrupting bc it’s hilarious and ur fuckin awesome! Guru… fuck… if I could figure out 10 percent of what u know I wouldn’t need to ask anything haha! Awesome stuff fellas!!