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I’m looking for advice on light mover systems. I hope somebody(s) has some experience and knowledge about light movers and if they work well.

Here is my situation and hypothetical goals for a light mover.  I am growing in a 12×12 room with an 8×8 canopy set up with 2 – 4×8 scrog frames.  Currently I have 2 spectrum king 602’s and a 1000w de lamp centered, inline in the room.  I feel that the edges are not receiving optimal light.

I would like to know if it is possible and sufficient to run only the 2 spectrum kings on light rails to cover the 2 – 4×8 zones. I could also add a third rail for the de lamp.

My major goals are to reduce the amount of heat in the room and keep my electricity load moderate, but maintain production.  Long term I will add heat pumps for the heating/cooling, but I’d also like to conserve energy with the lighting.

Please be critical.  I’m not apposed to knowledge.

Thanks DGC!