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My question is multi-tiered starting with using a light rail.

So I shared my previous grow room shots on the grow hacks section and appreciate you guys covering it on the podcast and YouTube. I had shown my grow log written on my Mylar walls…

So, needless to say, due to the sidebar that ensued over the Mylar use… I pulled it all and put up heavy panda film. It is much brighter, and my dry erase marker wipes off easier. Appreciate the constructive criticism!

Onward to the question 1,

I have a 4×6 room that last round I ran both an SK402 and a Californiaworks Solarstorm 440. I had noticed “hot spots” in my grow and the inability to get temps below 84, and could see the buds closest really taking on some burn for lack of better words. Albeit I was more than above the recommended height, this still occurred. So, I purchased a light rail mover kit, came with 2 meters, only needed one. I setup only the SK402, and have a larger range of light coverage now on both ends of the room. It moves across the full 39″ back and forth in one minute, and I can set the end pause up to one minute. I believe I should be then able to get my light closer (recommended height) and get better light penetration while not risking burn… Thought?? Guru, wasn’t I overkill already for a 4×6 with the afor mentioned 2 lights?

Question 2 and or grow hack,

Had very fine mesh screen cookie drying racks under my radical bags to simply raise them a tiny bit to not allow the bottom roots to sit in any water if I over water a touch.. Worked great for air pruning the bottom roots too, but the racks started to rust last round… So, bought 2 big bags of garden lava rock, washed it down, and filled my trays with it, and set my bags on top.. Seems to work great, but do you see any issue?