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Yo DGC! Hope everyone is staying healthy and safe!! I posted on my last grow with a question on light mover efficacy and how to properly set stop times. Unfortunately, the only advice I took from the review of that post was that I had too little light, and I should rearrange my grow room..

Now, given a rearrange is not possible, as the room was designed specifically for the layout it has, I thought further into Guru’s comment on light. I had mistakenly moved my SK402 higher than I should have, drastically lowering the light intensity. Upon further research, I found I should have dropped it down to around 10-12″ instead if at 18″.

So, long story short, swapped out the SK402 for two HLG 260W DIY kits, built a cross frame to hang them evenly over the canopy, allowing me over 12″ of adjustment without ratchet straps, 3 ft. with them. Set the stops on the 1 meter track in to have a total travel of 32″, set the end stops for 36 seconds each, have the lights 12″ from the canopy, and now have even light distribution and a massive canopy improvement!

This round: Alien Orange Congolese, 2 phenos, Alien Sour Apple, favorite pheno of my 3 prior round plants all from Obsol33t Genetics, 1 Stardawg Guava (@heusinomics), 1 Lemon Jeffrey from the one and only Rasta Jeff.. And lastly 1 huge power plant from Dutch Passion. These girls are on day 9 of flower!

All in 7 gallon radical bags, 3 part soil mix of roots original, ocean forest, and perlite. Run roots organics feed schedule for dry amendments with their organic bottles as supplement. New Millenium’s Ruby Fulvic.  Using Boogie Brew tea (amazing sh*t, if you haven’t tried it!), Mammoth P, Fish Sh!t, and of course Recharge!!

Love the show, glad to see you guys kicking out content in the midst if this crap!

Two pics of the new round and setup and a few of the prior round and setup for comparison. Huge difference…