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Alright guys and gals and experts all I need you help with a question. Taking 12-12 to 11-13, 10-14 to promote faster bud growth? So I was at an old buddy of mines house yesterday and he was telling me that I am screwing up and messing with my yields by not continually cutting my light cycle on down after the flip.  He said at 3-4 weeks I should have changed it to 11 hour days and 13 hours night then a month later to 10 hour days and 14 hour nights.  He said the buds do all their growing at night so this helps.  I assume this is what you all are using the far red initiators to achieve.  If so I need to look into those.  But this time around I am 4 weeks to it is time to cut it if I am going to.  I have always kept it on 12-12 till harvest but he told me that is why It takes so long to finish as well.  To this I replied I am growing for quality above all else time is a non issue no rush.  He said it would help that too.

Has anyone else ever heard of this?  Does it help yield and bud growth/structure? If this is worth doing please let me know.  It does make sense as the seasons and day lengths change.  I have gotten bad advice before too so I wanted to get the science on this before trying.

Peace, Love, Dank Nugs DGC