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Hey everyone, glad to see y’all back in YouTube so I can watch on my tv not my phone, just got my ticket for Friday and Saturday cowboy cup and hotel and can’t wait, but anyway my question is, I work at a pretty big pretty corporate cannabis grow in salida CO and just recently got a new position in material processing area, I was in cultivation and would rather be doing that but the new spot pays more and shit is expensive here in Colorado lol but we were processing the shit out of 10lb of lemon g for making prerolls, I was surprised how nice the buds were that we were grinding up but it didn’t smell great and being me I mentioned it and my supervisor said yeah it was light treated, well really she said a bunch of random letters I’m guessing was an acronymb but when I asked what that was she said it’s light treated to ensure it passes microbial tests, we were making products for a national brand that we just process for, most comes from 3rd party grows but the rep for the company said it doesn’t affect the product but I’m not convinced lol have y’all ever heard of this? I couldn’t figure out where to ask on the patreon app so I asked here 🤷🏻‍♂️This is a few pics from work, none of the giant flower bays unfortunately. I moved here in November to get into the industry and am so glad I did.