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Hello DGC, thanks for the wealth of knowledge everyone brings to the table. It makes it so much easier for amateur enthusiast, like myself have a easier time in the garden. My question is this. I am starting another 2×4 tent, with flowering in mind. I have narrowed it down to 2 lights. Both are at my price point and each have awesome specs. Just one excelling in a certain area more than the other, and visa versa. The light are the Chilled Growcraft X2 and the HLG 350R Diablo. Both appear to be 300+ true watts. The Growcraft has a bigger dimensions 42.5X19.5, so I assume a bigger footprint. You can also add another bar in the middle to upgrade the light for future. The HLG comes stacked as well. Plus being a member I get the discount. The dimensions are a little smaller though 34.5X10. But the spectrum looks off the charts. Please help me O wise ones of the DGC.