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Hey guys, love your show, been listening while I trim in Prohibition land Down under. I had to stop & adjust the dehu & A/C settings after watching the last episode hahah. can’t be losing all the lovely scent like I have been, due to fear of more loss from mildew like before I had a dehu. in the process of claiming my 6 different girls hard work-from greenhouse seeds I have Ladyburn 1974, church, kings kush and my favorite AMS.. also a green crack, and a special kush
I guess my main question may be for guru; Regarding my DIY LED light….
I spent a small fortune over the last couple of years building a water-cooled fixture to cover 4×8′ in my 8×8′ tent, Had 2x 600w HPS to begin, but the heat was a killer in our climate…
So I went all out with storm x controller, 12x vero (70v) COBs, a bunch of white linear strips in 3000K, 4000K & 5700k, with dimmable 1050ma drivers to add some experimentation to the game I also got a heap of coloured 290mm linear strips with 6x diodes each and a few singles- about 400w worth of deeep red, far red, infa red, cyan, blue, royal blue, violet, & uva.
So while I continue to learn through experience & the dude grows & grow tube channel, and start to implement VPD control, I found that my leaf temps were too cold- 21-22 mostly, which was way cooler than my 28c ambient. I was already using fermenters for co2 supplementation so I cranked the ambient to 30-31c and got my 25-27c leaf temps…
My concern is that I would be losing heaps of terps with the high temps.
My preference would be to have 27c ambient with 26c leaf temps and use the 1 degree diff vpd chart to find the desired RH . I keep track with 4x netatmos, and have 3.5kw inverter minisplit, quest 70 pint, and upto 2300w of LEDs over now a 1500 x 2400mm area in a 4.5 x 5.5m room. I use 2x 3′ trays with 4 sites in each with a 1′ airstone each. Flood & drain with 200L remote reservoirs, 50/50 canna coco pro+, & local coco chip, canna coco nutes and supps, econablis, great white & mammoth P & RO at .2 ec. Through flowering I flood for 5 mins 5 times a day for 6 days, then fresh RO at 5.6 pH for the 7th day and add fresh nutes next day to start the new week. Last grow (my 3rd grow) was my 2nd with LED, got almost 5lb dry. this run looks better even though the pk hit 4 weeks into flower left a little tip burn. Could the microbes be responsible for protecting the plants from more serious damage from this unexpectedly hot brew (was the canna recommended heavy feed)?
I have spare channels on my storm-x controller & spare drivers, should I be adding more IR (I only have 4x 3w chips so far) like 4 of the RAPID LED exotic strips to the setup and use a dimmable channel to dial in the leaf temps?

Sorry to ramble, pics are only screen shots of video from my phone.

Cheers guys, Love your work…