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CannorganicIL from Patreon – I have a detailed lighting question I am struggling to get answered. I purchased an SK402 using my DGC discount, as well as a gualala robotics light mover intellidrive 3.5 I believe is the version. As my room is only a 4×6, and my canopy covers roughly a 4×5 section of it, and i burned the shit out of plants last round running a 440 Solarstorm from Californiaworks and the SK402, i opted this round to just use the SK… Now, my challenge: i want to maintain about 900 PAR across the canopy, and am uncertain what height to have my light at, as the mover affects this too. I am only using one full meter section of the track, and have adjusted the end stop to 18 seconds on each end. Seems like my middle 2 plants are booming, whilst the outer 4 (on the ends of the tracks) are doing good, just not as great.. My whole purpose was to be more efficacious in my grow, while hopefully increasing my output.. Trying to figure out if I should go with 30 seconds on each end to maybe even the coverage? Put my lights at 15″-18″? Or closer? Spectrum Kings data sheet also lists lumens and not ppfd, etc. Tried using a calculator, but some of the details of conversion I’m not certain are right. Help please!!

Figured I’d put a few pictures here in reference to my Patreon question. I wasn’t able to post any photos with my question. My Patreon should be under Bjorn or CannorganicIL.

PS. Before anyone gives me a hard time for the UVBs being on, it was only for the picture. I run them only during the last few weeks of flower at a limited amount during mid- light hours.