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Heyoo!! Thanks for all you do guys! after taking a 7 year break from growing, I’m getting back in the saddle and man things have moved ahead!! 2 questions:

1) what is the optimal ppfd or par (and lux would be easiest to measure since I’ve got no real par/ppfd meter) in different stages. Ie. Clone/seed, early, late veg, early flower late flower. We can crank these leds now but im scared I might be light stressing, having used hps back in the day this seems harder to dial in.

2) when switching to 12/12 from 18/6 is it best to just add 6 hours of darkness to the end  or beginning of the current 18/6 time? Is it better to add 3 hours to the beginning and 3 hours to the end of that 18/6? Should I gradually do it? Like 30 mins difference everyday? Or just a hard 12/12 slam?

thanks again for any insight, you guys Rock!!