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Hey there from Ontario. I’m just about to chop the current grow, looking to do something different for the next one. I’m currently in a single tent, so was going to try my hand at a DIY grow area. I was thinking of picking up more lighting either way, but since I have an entire basement, but only a 4 plant limit in Canada, I’m not exactly constrained on space. I am however limited on electricity, 2 15 amp circuits specifically. My question is if I was to get something that would flower a 3×3 properly, should I build a reflective 3×3 enclosure for that light in a 10×20 room, or something like a 4×4 (or just make the entire room reflective and let it spread as it desires)? Will you get more with less light over a greater area, or more light in a smaller area? I just wanted to make sure I had more room to move around since I have the space, just whether i need to add constraints for the plants as well to hedge them in.

Thanks for all the effort in any case guys.