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Hey guys its Dreday_the_terpenator here. Wassup Dude, Scotty , and Guru and the rest of the crew. Ok but to the point I’m setting up for my first official all hands on deck grow. So I had a lighting question for “the led master” guru. I want to run a veg and flower both 4×4 using rapid led DIY kits. My plan is to run a 4×4 chilled logic for my veg (I’m also gonna full cycle autos in here?) and a cxb3590 4×4 in my flower room (2700k or 3000k ?) I also was thinking of running 2 exotic and 2 Emerson boards in my flower room. I wanted to know the crew’s thoughts on this …. is it overkill or am I in the right mind set. My budget is set at $3500 firm(by wife) but my lights nd genetics are my biggest concern. What’s left will be used for environmental controls. Sorry if I started rambling but the show gets me going. Thanks for all the help especially the coupon codes 5%-10% off makes a difference when you got a budget.

Big thanks to Bruce banner I was having the most issues getting a post up.