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Ayo DGC,

I have two 18″x36″x36″ cabinets that I flower in. In one I use a HLG 100 3000k and in the other I use two 40w Kind led x40 bars. The Kind LED bars are blurple style but that do great in the small space. The HLG 100 does great as well but runs hotter for sure and sometimes I risk burn from the lights if buds get too close. Im buying a new 2’x2′ tent soon for more flower space. My question is, what light should I buy/put in it? Is there a better option for my one small cabinet that has the HLG100 in it? Then just move my HLG100 into the new 2’x2′? Or should I just double down and buy and HLG100 R Spec for the 2×2? Thank you for any insight. Appreciate all the great work you guys do, keep on keeping on. Hash Rules Everything Around Me