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I’ve got a question about lights and tents. I will be setting up a new Gorilla Grow Shorty Tent in my new house. A 4×4 tent is about right for my med & rec needs. However, in my last tent I had a dehumidifier and some plastic jerry cans for irrigation via Blumats. Got a bit crowded in there. So I was thinking of planting out a 4×4 area in a 5×5 tent, using the non-planted edges for gear. Does this mean I should use a light suitable for a 4×4 directly over the plants? Or should I use a light suitable for a 5×5? I’m tempted by 4×4 light, a lot less cost. But I don’t wanna short change the plants if the light will be too dispersed and not in 800+ PPFD zone.

Bonus Grow Hack to get Guru’s attention: Everyone on podcasts, forums, etc always talks about chlorine in water. Some use RO or charcoal filters or age the water overnight. People with aquariums at home fixed this issue decades ago! We use Tap Water Conditioner, which is available in every pet store with fish. Because chlorine or chloromine kills fish pronto, we put a couple drops of TWC in the water during water changes. Dissipates the chemicals instantly. How do we know it works instantly? The fish aren’t dead! Some also bind up heavy metals and make them non bio-available. A bottle of TWC costs less than $5, lasts a long time, and is easily available. Note, I have worked in highly regulated science labs culturing fish, invertebrates, and algae. We use a very similar method (Google sodium thiosulfate) It works great!