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Zup Dude and Scotty! I’ve been lurking deep in the heart of prohibitionland since around show 100. Thanks for everything you guys do! My local “tomato” salesman stopped selling tomatoes so I decided to grow my own. I have 1 plant in a in a 2×4 tent flowering under a cheap Mars hydro led and a 4 bulb T5 that I run vertically. I’m in a 5 gal pot using the pound house soil recipe and Recharge I got from my local shop (Aggressive Gardening). My question is should I invest in better lighting like a 315 Lec? My concern is heat since Temps max at 84 with my tent flap open and the rooms ac running right now. I would prefer to keep scrubbing the air and not vent it outside. Do you think a 315 or a better quality led would be the best way to grow?

Thanks Guys