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Whatup DGC! Hope ya’all are well!

My question is this….

Using 2 hlg 260 rspec, plus a 135 rspec in a 4×7 area.  5 galln grow bags. 7 plants.  3 Loud Cannagenix Gluelato, 3 T.H. Seeds LA SAGE, and a gifted ExoticGenetics Musty Buffalo. (Shout out to SeedsHereNow!)

What is best – keeping the lights dimmed and lower / closer to the plants or turned up higher / further away? Sure efficiency is great, but does the end result turn out better one way or the other?

I feel like they are staying too squatty and get no stretch because i ran the lights too close early on. I have since raised them and they seem to be happier.  Will that stunt them the entire life cycle if i over-lit them early? Im about 3 – 4 weeks in veg…

All i currently have is a lux meter on my phone and have found some reference numbers of around 25000 for veg and 36000 for flower. So i can at least check somewhat for even distribution.  Hope to get a better meter soon.

Any input is greatly appreciated.