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Good morning Dude, Scotty, Guru, Warehouse Kyle, and the rest of the DGC, from beautiful, legal-ish Vermont!

First off, thank you for doing what you do. I love that phrase I hear Scotty saying, “learning in public”, and you all have evolved with the community and tech, and share it all back in an approachable and reliable way. I’ve learned a whole bunch in the short time I started watching, and became a member right away. The member supported model you’re going for is the shit, and definitely supports the vibe I get from y’all, your guests, members, and the definitely the reliability of information I get here. Thank you DGC!

Back to the grow. One of my girls (Veronica) looked thirsty this morning when I clocked in to the Office. Just her, none of the other girls, and about 7-10 buds effected. 

About the grow:

Strain: Velvet Bud (Seedsman)

Week 9 of flower, dirt grown, organic inputs, mostly.

Lights are 2xG8LED 900’s (540w each) 4xG8 90w bloom boosters (at about 26″ from canopy).

I’ve genetically modified this strain to use sign language, however I have not yet learned myself. Looks like a question mark to me, but..

I’m guessing it has something to do with light. This is my second grow and have been sharing the Office with both vegging and flowering plants. The last few weeks have been difficult personal ones, and didn’t shade the veggies, but reduced the light hours they got to 16. I’m vegging under a 4 bulb, 4′ T5 fixture.

It’s more of a curiosity at this late stage, and made for an interesting picture to share with the DGC.

Foxtails? Que? Soup? Mystro?

Peace all. Thanks for you do!