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Day 8 of flower a few different strains and only 3 or 4 plants all diff strains are showing this lime green on new growth. They are in a open basement with insulated curtains making it semi sealed. Few hlg lights and it looked9 like light burn but lux is 20k ish which on hlgs site equals around 350 par. I did hit them with optic switch at day 2 which is when the light green really became obvious. Coincidence? I thought if it was the foliar of switch all the plants would look the same but most got their color back in the next few days. Hit one with cal-mag to see if that would help. nothing yet after 3 days. Maybe water related. blumats have been harder to dial this round but nothing too drastic. Well here’s a look  maybe it’s just something obvious that I can’t see. Thanks 👍

Day after foliar