WTG Sept 2017
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Heard about you guys on an app called massroots. That replaced my Facebook. I started listening to you at episode 103 and since then I have listened back to episode 60ish and stayed current. I run a perpetual cycle so I’m trimming every week between 4-10 zips so I get plenty of listening time each week. Became my constant listening wile trimming. Every time I think you guys should touch on a subject I keep listening and you hit it every time. Just a shout out from Maine, USA ✌️There are at least a few of us here that always listen in and love you guys. There is only one thing I ask. Don’t change the format ( I know it’s random ) to promotional talk radio for sponsors. Totally understand the respect factor and the monetary value of what the sponsors put in but the listeners like your stories, info, and humor. That’s why I started listening. Maine made top shelf listener. I haven’t used recharge but do use the gen org nutrient line and works well. Organic is the way to go. Keep’nitstoney