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So sad. An old buddy of mine that’s in jail decides to call me from a jail phone processing his escape from prison. I told him hes crazy and to chill. My girl and I thought what a joke no one escapes from prison especially this knucklehead. Well he escaped and because of his phone call, I had 30 police, state police and us marshals all but kicking my door down to find him. Needless to say he wasnt here. But something was. All because I wont buy their shitty dispensary weed! They took everything of any use. Tents lights all my ac Infinity t4s, and all my nutes. Told me they’re not worried about me just want him. Basically blackmail to help me find him. They also were enamored by my grow all standing around in all asking me how did I do this and that. Really sad. We are definitely sad, depressed, angry and infuriated to say the least, not to see all our girls our babies finish up. This happened on tues and it took till today, Monday for my tears to clear up enough to type this.. we already have a new plan, not here, to continue to grow and cultivate some badass buds and keep our culture alive and thriving. We are working out funds for equipment as I type this. We love our cannacommunity and will always be a part of. Not trying to be cocky because it took months of people telling me to make me agree I had a knack and green thumb for the cannabis pant. It wont go to waste. Rebuilding starts now!!! Here I come @floraflex Ps. A few months out from our state passing a 10 plant household limit.