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What’s up Dude, Scotty, guru and all my other DGC!? Back again with an update on my 2×2 flower tent! For those that didn’t see the first post I’m a micro grower up in the cannabis land locked, prohibition pit in New England. I grow under a Platinum LED p4Xml2 (yes it’s blurple but it’s got 4 very bright white diodes as well!) In coco inĀ  1 gallon fabric pots. I currently have 9 plants in a SOG grow style. They are a Rawton#2 from ethos genetics the #2 being the selected pheno of a pack s friend popped. A Gorilla Punch#3 that a friend (@bestthinggrowing on IG) bred and selected with a business partner. I also have a blue dream (unknown breeder) and Pack a punch another BTG cross (purple punch x purple punch) so I’m running 4 different strains total on the same nutrient regimen and they seem to be all doing well. These ladies are day 54 and they’re really starting to swell. Super stoked to take them down and try a new run of (09 GSC X The Candy) “The candy” = (LA OG X Cookies n Cream) thanks so much to dude, Scotty, and guru for helping my grow! membership is in my near future! Looking forward to my chance to be on the show! Live free and grow!

Give me a follow on the gram for more photos and way more detailed posts than the boys can fit into a dank nugs segment @undercover_closet on IG