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I’ve been growing for about a year now, my first real crop came down a couple days ago! The new round is in the flower tent and on the way! They’re currently growing under a Platinum LED P4XML2 in 1 gal fabric pots in coco in a 2’x2’x4.5′. I feed with the full line of Veg&Bloom including their line of microbes +life. I got a free same run from veg&bloom and I’ve been going strong on free nutes for a bit! Definitely going to be implementing Mammoth P and Recharge in the place of the +life in the near future. My grow is micro size for personal use. This run I’m doing 9 plants. The new plants in the flower tent are as follows, Blue Dream x2 , Mandarin sunset x3, Pack-a-Punch x2, and gorilla punch x2. The pack a punch is a purple punch x purple punch and the gorilla punch is a GG4 x Purple punch. The others I don’t know enough about the lineage so I wont pretend to but the clones came from a friend who promises fire. The second “real” harvest I’ve done is hanging in a tent with a booster fan pulling air out of the tent to prevent mold and WPM. The plants that are hanging are a custom cross a friend made out of fire genetics from the most reputable breeders out there. He’s calling it nose candy (white funk x do si dos) x (LA OG x Cookies n’ Cream). Stoked to enjoy the fruits of my labor and see what I can do with this next round. Year two has big things in store! Thanks for looking and LIVE FREE AND GROW!