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After loving a full cycle of living organic no till i have decided to outfit tent 2 the same way. i grew jalepenos cherry tomatoes and green peppers yellow peppers and a variety of covers. i allowed that to grow out and chopped about 3 weeks ago. i laid all the debris down to start the unlocking and cycling of nutrients. after long delays i finally got my beneficial critters. about 2 weeks ago i put about half of a mans hand full of red wigglers in each bag. the worms are loving life they seem to live on the top. i added 2 half avocados to each bag to expedite reproduction. the fungus gnats were getting bad so man am i glad i got the good guys are finally in for these bags(the best of plans still get spoiled). ive seen the population drop off already. i have 4 healthy clones all rooted in solo cups ready to go. my plan was to do a small top dress, then plant the clones and some more cover crop. i however noticed mold today. first of all i know its living organic and i do want a mix of fungal and bacterial properties. the fuzz is real though. my research shows worms love that stuff, my worm bin has a small mushroom growing in it and all the worms are right there at the top loving life. they do not eat living material either. ive read everywhere we are to embrace the fuzz with this system. i just want to make sure my head is still in the right game before i go planting perfectly healthy plants into a potential warzone.

How should i proceed? as planned, a small top dress and plant and not worry? Do a large top dress to cover it all wait, clean everything then plant? increase airflow? (its pretty decent as it is, humidity is controlled by ac infinity t6 and i have a fan blowing straight down, fan is set to 65 percent rh so it sits about 66 or 67 rh) it is possible i just have too much debris and not enough worms yet, i have thought of that. i legit feel like this is ok and i should not worry as its preparing it to be eaten by worms.. i have read studies that say this is a good thing. it just goes against what we were always taught. it apparently proves my soil is full of life and balanced(just stuff i read on the internet though, i take it at face value). i know powdery mildew is a thing but this isnt powder its full on spider web fuzz. (dont worry no spiders…. well maybe mites but they stand no chance now that the bennies are in)

Any suggestions and comments are always enjoyed. dont go easy on me.

keep up the good work everyone, especially the people behind the scenes! it is appreciated what you guys/gals do. (p.s. nice studio upgrade!)