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What’s growing on Dude, Scottie, Guru, and the rest of the DGC! Just wanted to post some nugs of the last couple runs in a 4×4 grow tent. I’m currently getting ready to run my 7th cycle in the same 15 gallon pots. Unfortunately I forgot to take photos the entire 6th run, typical stoner. The first two photos are Overflo OG from Archive Portland. The second two Photos are Sunset Sherbet clones I picked up from a club in Portland, OR.

Using a recipe from the Build-a-Soil page has made growing easier than I could have ever imagined. Here in the PNW, we are spoiled with having a farm and gardening store called Concentrates, that you can purchase high quality organic amendments and soil mixing materials for the best price in town. I paid $44 for a bag of  5 lb. Insect Frass from a local grow store and when I arrived at Concentrates there was a 50 lb bag for $52…I know Scotty loves his automation so I also use a Blumats watering system to put the grow on autopilot.

I also used more inputs from build-a-soil no-till bundle, including aloe, coconut powder, rootwise microbe, enzyme, and phosphorous products, thrive.n aminos, Recharge, build a bloom in flower. Once a week top dresses of Insect Frass, and Malted Barley powder. Which you can get from the oldest brew store in the country in Portland, Steinbarts, for extremely cheap. A few of inputs do the same thing but you know how it is if you have stuff siting around might as well use it until it’s gone.

Thanks DGC for everything you’ve taught me and the community. I haven’t had to purchase Cannabis Flower from a dispensary or free market in nearly 4 years because of the knowledge and dedication you have to making growers better. I just upgraded and purchased a 4×8 tent to start a perpetual grow. Can’t wait to share the progress and much love everyone!