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Greetings and salutations my brothers! Absolutely love the show. I hardly get a chance to watch but I listen in the car all the time. I’ve learned so much it should be criminal. I truly enjoy the grow talks where you guys talk not only about the microbial  super highway that exists underground and how it can benefit cannabis but how everything from the ants on the ground to the tallest of trees all have a role to play. I’ve introduced Recharge to the whole family. It’s become a garden staple, both indoors and out, for the food plot, trees and of course the cannabis.

If I finish up this last week in flower with winters frost as I have with my past hydro grows am I destroying everything in the soil that I have built? I would like to continue to use the soil again and would prefer not to ‘cheat’ for that extra bit that Winters Frost offers as tempting as it is.

I sat out the GSC pictured along with some Wedding cake that should finish between June 1st through the 5th outside for some cool weather terp production. Maybe bring out some color. The ‘dude’ method may be the answer, we shall see. I have some Northern Lights and Amenisia Haze that are finishing in three weeks and I think the nights will be in the 70s consistently by then. Those are the ones that I’m considering the WF on.

Thanks for letting me ramble! Much love from the East Coast!