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Hey team!

I need some help. Well I know it’s damn near impossible to know what’s going on without being in the room and seeing my soil tests buuuut anything will help honestly at this point. I run living soil and am on 4th cycle in this soil. I have an agronomist that does my soil analysis and gives me detailed amendments and I follow them to a T!

Sadly I still have problems like what is in the pics. I amended my soil about 6 weeks or so ago with what was suggested but last week this problem started and now it’s moving fast and it’s on the upper leaves.
my soil has been ran a bit to dry lately and I thought that could be the problem but the issue is only on one strain, Gelato og. I have slight tacoing of the leaves on my other two strains but no tip burning or rust spots.
my agronomist really doesn’t say much as he doesn’t have another test to go by so no help there.
anyway this shouldn’t be an issue as I have amended and have good pH 6.6 on my last test in early veg this run.

What do you think this could be? Potassium def is said to be on older leaves but this is showing up on upper leaves.  I amended with Potassium sulfate like directed so I know it’s in there but… I am in week 4 of flower. My room is dialed in environmentally so I can only suspect the soil. Like I said I did run it to dry for a few watering a bit only one strain has this badly. Gets worse by the day. Hitting with comfrey tea tomorrow in hopes of helping.

Thank you friends and stay safe out there 🙏🙏