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HEY DGC please excuse my el cheepö growing set up it looks like a toilet paper roll  holder & a bucket seat because it IS,,,,lol,,, with the flora flex manifold tapped two the top of a toilet paper roll holder and box fan ventilation system IN a grow tent with black out ventilation holes at the top i had modified my girl helped me with,,, THIS IS A COCO COIR LIVING SOIL ON ITS 3 GROW WITH ROOTS AMENDMENTS  I PLANT RIGHT BACK INTO THE POTS  AFTER A CUT THE TOPS OFF , WITH NO PROBLEMS ,,,THE SOIL CONDITIONER HAS ENOUGH SALT and magnesium TWO CHARGE THE COCO & PLENTY OF EXTRA… COAST OF MAINE LOBSTER WORM CASTINGS IS A GOOD LIVING SOIL INCREASER JUST SCOOP 1/3 CUP OF EVERYTHING FOR A 5 GAL AND SAVE THE ELAMENTAL FOR 2 WEEKS BEFORE FLOWER AND AFTER WITH THE BLOOM TEA WITCH ALSO 1/3 CUP 2 WEEKS BEFORE & AFTER .. THEN JUST STRAIGHT WATER WITH 5 ML OF FULL POWER GOING UP AND DOWN TWO 10 IN FLOWER helps keep 6 ph with plenty of fulvic acid witch helps not need so much nutrients & IN SEEDLING I HIT THEM HARD WITH COW FOOD GRADE SILICA FOR GOOD STRONK THICK TRUNK STALKS… the extra height gives me good ventilation with my box fan ventilation system on the cheep cheep witch i use and i never move the pots go right back into the 5 gal with a 4″ pot i wait a few days till it is dried and plant on the side or middle depending if i can get the root mass out the way…i would think of this as living soil… go dgc this works fine never had rot or mold or loss of any bud from problems all i do is ruff up the surface then massage the dry amendments right in… don son… i go all at once you can do it at weekly increments… just sit down on a 5 gal with MY FANCY seat and do some gardening  bi weekly sprays of green cleaner 10 mil a spray bottle,,, go dgc GIVES ME SUCH ESTEAM TWO GROW AND JUST WATCH THEM GROW,,, I HAVE A NERVE ISSUE AND I USE THE POT FOR MEDICINE,,,MY GIRL HELPS ME GRAB STUFF LIKE COCO AND TGOODS…I ENJOY GROWING AND AM A SAPORTER OF THE DGC… RIGHT ON EVERYBODY CHEERS