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hey dudes big fan of your show I’ve learned many ways to up my game from you all. so many factors in play it has my head spinning I’m hoping you might be able to help minimize it to one or two factors that are causing this mess. so 2 strains gorilla cookies and rainbow candy from growers choice. they are in build a soil 3.0 mix which burned the sh*t out of them. When I first transplanted. they recovered in a week or so sort of they were still overused. now it’s 6 weeks  still veg in 5 gallon smarties. they looked fine about a week and a half ago in the 5×5 scrog. just got moved in the 4×8 and about 5 days ago I top-dressed with craft blend and build a flower from b.a.s. I also think I overwatered that same day im used to growing in 15 gallon pots but I’m on a pheno hunt. temp 75 humidity 50. plenty of air flow and under 2 hlg 650r at about 150 watts each. def bleached them a bit which is causing me to doubt if its a nitro deficiency or bleaching. now it looks like an extreme calcium deficiency but I do t know how that’s possible I use tap water pH 7. not new to growing but never seen this before. any ideas???? thanks boys keep up the good work!