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Hello hello Scotty, Guru, and The Dude

I watch the podcast daily on Youtube and wanted to say hello. I really appreciate all the effort you guys put into this community, it definitely shows. You gentlemen have created something very cool here, thank you for that.

The Flower tent (picture 1): Day 50, kicking off week 8. I have six Chernobyls (TGA Genetics) on the left and two Durban Hashplant (Durban Poison x 88G13Hashplant) on the right. The plants are under two Rapid LED DIY kits, six CREE 3500k cobs running at 75w each. Temps and humidity have been perfect with this rainy cold weather in Southern California.

The first bud shot is the Chernobyl, second is the Durban Hashplant.